Aaron Borton, The New York Times / Accompanied by running mate Jacqueline Coleman, Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear, a Democrat, declares victory in his challenge to incumbent Gov. Matt Bevin on Tuesday night in Louisville, Ky.

Not given in this space to saying much good about Donald Trump, we do need today to give him his due: He is doing his part to make good on his Make America Great Again promise. He's increasingly turning it a beautiful Democratic Blue.

* First it was the December 2017 special election in Alabama — the one that gave the Heart of Dixie its first Democratic win for a statewide federal office — a U.S. Senate seat — in more than a quarter of a century.

Trump had stumped steadfastly for defrocked federal judge Roy Moore, but Doug Jones won a stunning red-state upset by 22,000 votes, 50% to 48%.

Just a month before that, largely red Virginia spun its own "resistance" energy — sparked by Trump's stolen presidential victory in 2016 — into three Democratic statewide gains.

* And don't forget the Blue Tsunami of 2018 — the one that gave Democrats a majority in the House of Representatives and placed the Speaker's gavel firmly back into the hands of Nancy Pelosi. Altogether, Democrats picked up a net gain of 40 seats. It was the largest Democratic House gain in four and half decades.

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Carlos Bernate, The New York Times / Democrats celebrate winning control of the Virginia legislature at an election night gathering in Richmond on Tuesday night. Control of Virginia's government fell to Democrats for the first time in decades.

* Then came Election Day 2019, when Democrats took the lion's share of votes in the most-closely watched contests, including a 5,000-plus vote lead in the race for governor of Kentucky — the home state of Republican and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell.

In Kentucky, Trump spent the election's eve stumping for the incumbent GOP governor, Matt Bevin. But as usual, of course, it was more about him than the real candidate: "You can't let that happen to me," Trump pleaded at a rally Monday night about the prospect of a Democratic victory in Kentucky.

And while Bevin campaigned on his embrace of Trump, Democrat challenger — and the ultimate winner — Andy Beshear campaigned on expanding Medicaid. Thus, we gained yet another Democratic governor.

* And then there is Virginia. Whoo-who!

There Democrats took control of the House of Delegates as well as the state Senate, turning the state blue with Democratic control of the state government for the first time in more than a quarter century.

It must be making Republicans wonder: Can Trump really deliver for the party anymore? Especially with impeachment looming and his popularity dropping?

We'll learn more at mid-month after we see how the Donald's performance in Louisiana plays out in the Nov. 16 election between conservative Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards and a self-financing Republican millionaire in a gubernatorial race runoff.

For now, we'd just like to say thanks, Mr. President. Thanks — just for being you.