Putting customers' needs first has always been a number one priority for the folks at Beltone, and now especially in uncertain times and with so many of their clients in the senior population, the company is working to do that now more than ever.

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President Perry Ebel shared this an area where Beltone really shines when it comes to professional attention to helping their people.

"The hearing aid market is a fairly active one and widespread in that you can find devices sold on TV for as little as $30 all the way up to thousands and thousands," Ebel said. "It can make it confusing as far as someone looking at how much do I spend, and what am I getting for my money?"

Not only that, but with the current pandemic underway, folks may be nervous about coming in to the office, and they have good reason to want to make sure they stay well and safe.

"At Beltone, when you purchase a device from us, we provide all the after care at no cost, and thanks to the AMAZE products, we can do any adjustments remotely from a smartphone," Ebel said, noting that clients can have the option to get help and maintenance at home for whatever the reason.

He went on to share that, that decision to not charge for after care was made very early on in the life of the company for many reasons including seniors who live on a limited income being able to get the help they need without worrying about what it would cost.

"It's been our way all along," Ebel stressed. "When you compare us to others out there, we're in the middle to high end price range, but if when you look at all the care included, we're very inexpensive."

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Ebel said he can attest to how the wrong product can make the hearing loss worse if patients don't know all the facts, and Beltone is working to fight that issue as well.

"When I see those discounted listening devices, I buy them myself," he shared. "Every time I find that they amplify things, but they amplify everything, so you end up hearing poorly really loudly."

As the technology has grown and shaped the products over the years, the products and aids that Beltone offers are computer controlled, very sophisticated devices that are capable of turning down background noises to focus on voices, light speech and more, Ebel noted.

"We also have the ability to a much greater degree to tune them to the preference of the patient," he added. "In the past, when I was in an office I saw two daughters bring their mom in to be tested at the recommendation of doctor, concerned she had dementia; it turned out she had a severe hearing loss problem. I tell people all the time it makes sense because you can't answer and respond when you didn't hear, and you can't remember what you didn't hear."

He added that about seven years ago a study done at John Hopkins showed significant connections between hearing to dementia and thus has focused in their industry to look at hearing loss as part of dementia related care and diagnosis.

At Beltone hearing tests are always done at no charge, and they have all board certified hearing specialists to do the testing and any needed after care, including programming, cleaning, checking routine maintenance about every three months, always done at no charge.

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"We're also doing all we can now to keep people healthy during the pandemic including making sure our facilities are sterilized every day and following every guideline and precaution," Ebel added.

Beltone is rated number 1 in sound quality. Call us today for a free consultation and hearing test.


"At Beltone, when you purchase a device from us, we provide all the after care at no cost, and thanks to the AMAZE products, we can do any adjustments remotely from a smartphone," Perry Ebel.

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