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Jordan Spieth reacts after hitting from the fairway to the 11th green during the second round of the Bridgestone Invitational golf tournament at Firestone Country Club, Friday, Aug. 7, 2015, in Akron, Ohio. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

From Derek

We were discussing something and wanted your opinion.

If you had to pick two athletes from the same college, regardless of sport, who is representing their school best? 

Thanks and we listen to you on ESPN everyday.

Derek —

Thanks for writing and for listening.

Interesting question and one that has a number of possibilities.

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Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant, left, drives for a shot past Denver Nuggets forward Wilosn Chandler in the first quarter of an NBA basketball game Monday, Feb. 9, 2015, in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

As for the current athletes, it's hard not to go with Jordan Spieth and Kevin Durant from Texas. Gerrit Cole and Russell Westbrook (UCLA) is pretty close, too. What say you super-smart 5-at-10 readers? What active duo from the same college is making their school most proud.

That said Andrew Luck and Tiger Woods — both from Stanford — could very well end up on the Rushmore of the all-time greats of their sports. (Add in John Elway and John McEnroe to the Stanford lineage and they could have an all-time trio.)

Let's open it up that way. Here's a mini-top five of trios in different sports from the same school that are pretty impressive:

Stanford — Elways, Woods, McEnroe

UNC — Lawrence Taylor, Michael Jordan and Mia Hamm

USC — Anthony Munoz, Cheryl Miller, tennis legend Sam Smith

Notre Dame — Carl Yaztremski, Joe Montana, Skyler Diggins

Auburn — Bo, Frank Thomas and Charles Barkley (amazingly Bo is the only one not in the Hall of Fame)


From Chas

Four SEC teams placed players on's pre-season All-America first team. One each from Bama, Gawga and Florida, and FOUR from Ole Miss. Question for the bag: How screwy is that?

I'll repeat my question from yesterday: Does the loss of UT lineman Marcus Jackson cost The Vols a half game or a whole game in the over-under season wins betting line?

Just in: Cal has garnered another 5-star 6'10" three-position player. How does he do it?

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Tennessee Offensive linemen Marcus Jackson, left, and Alex Bullard warm up during an NCAA college football practice at Haslam Field in Knoxville on Saturday, Aug. 10, 2013.

Chas —

Been a while and you had three very good questions.

Let's move quickly, shall we?

First, it's crazy that Ole Miss had four first-team CBS All-Americans. It's even more crazy that a projected first-round pick according to Mel Kiper Jr. — safety Tony Conner — was not among those four.

If Ole Miss gets even adequate quarterback play, the Rebels are going to be hard to handle. The offense has four seniors who are multi-year starters, and All-American junior Laremy Tunsil. The back seven defensively is five seniors and Conner, a junior, who likely will go pro.

This is the rewards of that staggering recruiting class Hugh Freeze put together in the winter of 2013.

Yes, the loss of Marcus Jackson is painful. As too have been the recent injuries to DB Rashaan Gaulden and offensive lineman Austin Sanders. We're not sure it would adjust the over/under total just yet, but it certainly is reason to start pondering who's next. (Gaulden was penciled in as the starting nickel, and that's a pretty big deal in this defense according to those in the know like TFP UT ace Downtown Patrick Brown.)

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Former Bradley Central player, Austin Sanders (60) goes up against Allan Carson during an exhibition drill in the spring Orange and White game Saturday at Neyland Stadium in this 2014 file photo.

As for Coach Cal, well, dude has gamed the system, and the kids buy into that. Whether you think the 'rotation' stuff is bupkis or if you think he's cheating his pants off or whatever, dude has the five-star kids lining up to come and play a year and get paid.

Is it good for the game? Not really, but that's not Cal's fault. If he wasn't doing it — and doing it better than everyone else — the coaches would be lined around the corner to sign these one-and-doners.

It also does not equal championships, as we've seen. These kids get five months to play together and they have a state-sized bull's eye on their backs come March, when it only takes one mediocre performance — or a light's out one on the other side — to end the season.    


From JMC

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USA's Kelley O'Hara, Carli Lloyd, and Lauren Holiday, from left, react to a point scored during the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team's match against Costa Rica at Finley Stadium on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2015, in Chattanooga, Tenn. The team is playing in Chattanooga as part of its Women's World Cup victory tour.

Actual inquiry: Read your column in Thursday's online print edition regarding this city as a soccer town. So lets now go to the pink elephant in the room. Since Chattanooga FB is an independent club, what steps, if any, can be made for recommendation into MLS as an expansion team?



Thanks for reading and for the package of Dallas sports pages. Always appreciated.

We are not saying Chattanooga is a soccer town as much as there is a soccer business opportunity to be had here. A soccer complex could be a year tourism money maker.

As for the CFC, well, there have been multiple whispers about moving up, but we don't see that on the horizon at least for the next few years, if ever.

Moving up means going from a couple hundred thousand dollars a year in expense to a couple of million. And it would mean sizable growing pains in the win-loss column. (Which begs the question: Would 7,000-plus come out to see a regular-season match between a 3-5 CFC and whomever as opposed to 18,000 coming out for a championship game, which was an event more than anything else?)

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USA's Lori Chalupny (16) stops the ball ahead of Costa Rica's Melissa Herrera during the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team's match against Costa Rica at Finley Stadium on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2015, in Chattanooga, Tenn. The team is playing in Chattanooga as part of its Women's World Cup victory tour.

The CFC has made awesome strides but their core fan base is about 3K and that's really not big enough to ake the move by most accounts. Yes, the crowds swelled in the postseason, but was that was equal parts lightening in a bottle, CFC momentum and timing as much as anything.


From Chris P.

Thanks so much for doing more fantasy football. I know not everyone plays but a lot of us do and I appreciate your insights.

What sleepers are you targeting in rounds five-plus and maybe ten-plus?

Me and my friends read the 5-at-10 everyday.

Chris —

Thanks boss, and don't know how much help this will be since your friends read it too.

Here are guys at the major positions we would love to have after round five and then after round 10:

Quarterback — There are a ton of guys (Romo, Ryan, Roethlisberger) who will be there after round five. So take your pick. We think Ryan offers potentially the most upside considering there are still major defensive questions, he has two great receivers, the running game is suspect and the schedule is the easiest in football. As for the double-digit rounds, we shared this with Stewwie, but we believe Tom Brady is a steal in the late rounds because he's going to have a chip the size of Vermont on his shoulder.

Running back — LaGarrette Blount of the Patriots is a great option after round five. Not sure if there's a running back to trust falling beyond round 10. Detroit's Ameer Abdullah has generated so much buzz he's gone fantasy Ben Wallace on us overnight. (He went from being so "underrated" that everyone was talking about him to the point that he may move into round five, which is lofty company for a rookie running back.) As for a true sleeper, we'd take a flier on Arian Foster in the late rounds. Not unlike Tom Brady, if you add a potential true starter late who may be back for the second half of the season, well, come playoff time, you could be the favorite.

Wide receiver — There are a ton of guys who offer value, but it's about finding the guy who has the best fit and a legit ceiling week-to-week that you feel comfortable starting him. Here are a couple: Charles Johnson (Vikings) who was lights out late last year and will only benefit from single coverage (Thanks Mike Wallace) and improved quarterback play (Thanks Teddy Bridgewater) and running patterns against eight guys in the box (Thanks Adrian Peterson). Also, there Michael Crabtree (Oakland) who is in a contract year. (Side note: We think Amari Cooper is going to have a huge year.) Those are a couple of guys who will be on the board a long time and may even go undrafted, but may have big years. As for the five-to-10-round guys, we like Martravious Bryant (Pittsburgh) and Andre Johnson (Indy).

Tight ends — Unless you go big early with Gronk or Jimmy Graham (who we believe we take a step back this year stats-wise on a run-first, ball control offense), there are a lot of tight ends in the middle that are interchangeable. Of that group we'd probably go Dwayne Allen (Indy) because of Andrew Luck's skill set and comfort-level with him. In a lot of drafts, Pittsburgh's Heath Miller is falling on boards, but he offers similar value to some more prominent names like Jason Witten or Zach Ertz and much more value.

Hope that helps.



From Ordinary Guy

And while we are at it...Chattanooga's Vonn Bell was named FIRST TEAM pre-season ALL-AMERICAN...I guess since he did not go play in Cloroxville that local coverage will be sparse (blame Dooley because he blew it THAT IS FACT)...but my question is with this honor, who was the last LOCAL product to achieve this acclaim at the highest level of college football, and where does this place him on the list of the best all time LOCAL players?

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Ohio State defensive back Vonn Bell, who played at Ridgeland High School in Rossville, Ga., returned from an offseason injury and had six interceptions last year to help lead the Buckeyes to the national championship in the first College Football Playoff.

OG —

Major kudos to Vonn Bell, who could be a first-round pick with a good year come next spring.

The list of course starts with Reggie White. Bell appears poised to join that elite group right behind him that includes several great names through the years.

In the modern recruiting era, there have been three five-star players according to from our area: Gerald Riggs Jr., Da'Rick Rogers and Bell. 

Bell's great run so far in Columbus certainly puts him atop those three and his future seems limitless.

And since you mentioned Dooley, UT was the childhood favorites of Bell and Nashville-area safety Jalen Ramsey and Dooley bungled the recruiting of each. (Yes, Jomo, Dooley is to blame for everything from global warming to Trump.)

Bell and Ramsey roaming the secondary for the Vols would be pretty fantastic.