AP photo by Wade Payne / Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt, right, shakes hands with South Carolina coach Will Muschamp after Saturday's game at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville.

Weekend winners

Jeremy Pruitt and UT football. In a home game against an evenly matched foe, the Vols handled their BID-ness and South Carolina. Emphatically. I have been critical of Pruitt at times. Saturday was a job well done.

Tiger Woods. Going to be fun to follow if Captain Tiger Woods picks player Tiger Woods for the President's Cup team. After his win at the LuLu or the YoYo or the ZuZu or whatever tournament Woods won this weekend, the conversation becomes more intriguing. It was Tiger's 82nd career PGA Tour win, which matches Sam Snead's all-time record.

Mac Jones. Yawn. That's a well-constructed football operation they have down there in Tuscaloosa.

Everyone involved with the San Francisco 49ers. That football team is doing work — on each side of the line of scrimmage. San Fran is 7-0 for only the second time in franchise history.

This guy, who kept both his $12 Bud Lights safe while taking a World Series ball off the chest to protect the lady in the seat next to him. Now Bud light wants to find this guy for obvious promotional opportunities. Dude holding two CoColas and fighting the Bud Light Knight? Dude holding two CoColas and handling matters at work, or at home or anywhere in daily life and then walking to the car and stopping, with a 'Anywhere but the front seat" type message. Endless possibilities right here.

Bonus pick: Aaron Rodgers. It's tape from games like last night that I will plant my flag on the best to ever play the position when it comes to Rodgers. Truly. A Maestro with a football in his hand.

Weekend losers

Everything football related I touched. Auburn stunk. Falcons stunk. My college picks stunk (1-4). My NFL picks stunk by comparison (2-2 with the under tonight). Not good friends. And to make matters worse, my phone died. Imagine the headaches that would cause for any of us. (Well other than my fantasy team, which pulled out a tight W thanks in large part to Rodgers.)

Auburn's offense. I've said it before and I'll likely say it again, but Auburn fans everywhere are going to look back the dudes on this defense and realize they deserved a heckuva lot better than 8-4.

Dan Quinn. This will be the last time we list Quinn. At some point this much losing of weekends just simply makes you a loser. In fact, if we get tot next Monday and Quinn is still gainfully employed by the Falcons, well, the Falcons leadership will have lost the weekend.

Oklahoma, and the Big 12 as a whole. That Sooners' loss to Kansas State leaves the league that on the outside looking in in terms of the playoff as of now.

Washington. The Nationals went from up 2-0 and thinking about a possible sweep. Now they are fighting for their lives.


We mentioned Tiger's record-tying moment over the weekend.

He was not the only all-time great to hit a milestone over the weekend.

Bill Belichick won his 300th career game.

Crazy to think how good he's been and how little we truly know about why and how he's been so drive, successful and all-time awesome.

I think it's pretty easy to say that Belichick is the best NFL football coach ever.

But in the conversation of the greatest coach in the history of teams sports, is Belichick pocket aces?

Is he the Big Cheese?

This and that

— LSU is the new No. 1 team in America. Not sure anyone can argue that.

— Tough break for JJ Watt, who suffered another season-ending injury.

— Kudos to a feisty and game effort from UTC at Wofford on Saturday. Tough one-point overtime loss.

— LeBron James makes news even when he's losing his hair.

Today's question

Weekend winners and losers. Go.

On this day 100 years ago, the Volstead Act passed outlawing alcohol. I would have been a good bootlegger.

Bill Gates is 64 today.

Julia Roberts is 52 today. First, the obligatory, "Julia went to my high school" story. Yada-yada-yada. (She was a senior when I was an eighth grader. So no we didn't date, but she likely dug me.)

Who joins Julia on the all-time Rushmore of female rom-com leads. Go.