AP photo by Aaron Doster / The Cincinnati Reds' Trevor Bauer pitches against the visiting Chicago White Sox on Sept. 19.

Let's start with a couple of questions on Trevor Bauer.

Man, Trevor Bauer. I never was a fan, for obvious reasons, but wow.

So we all know that professional sports and college football (which gets closer and closer to professional, I'm not even sure you would consider it the minor leagues anymore) generate a tremendous amount of money for numerous entities, not just the players alone. And I think most would say there's nothing wrong with that, it's not hurting anyone. But I'm thinking maybe it actually is. 

All of these guys are taking steroids in some form or fashion. And it's starting to affect our society in general. We typically relate anger and hostility with steroids, which explains the Ray Rices of the world, but they have to play a part here too. What he did was messed up. 

Though it will never, ever happen — it might be best to go back to the regular 5'10", 180 lb guys (and 5'7" 145 lb girls) playing all the things. 

Also —

Hi Jay,

Thanks for giving a shout-out to the Braves radio crew. I also was listening while out running errands Wednesday. Braves radio guys are spot-on. And they speak their mind often; I guess the TV crew is more constrained given their wider audience and advertiser sensitivity.  And I also agree with what Simpson had to say about the league office.
On the Trevor Bauer situation, I have to say something that, were I in the public eye, would undoubtedly get me 'canceled'. And I don't expect you to respond, because we don't want you 'canceled'. But here goes: yes, it seems he is despicable. But after the first episode, why did the woman have anything more to do with the guy? To be clear, I'm not placing any blame for what happened on her. But I cannot understand why anyone would have anything more to do with someone like that after the first experience.


As always, you guys and gals are ever-impressive in terms of questions and insight. Truly, the back-and-forth is what makes this daily interaction so much fun.

As to question one, I see the direction — and in a lot of ways concur — but not the vehicle.

Yes, there are a lot of dudes taking a lot of things to be bigger, faster, stronger with little regard to the side effects and the ramifications. But I do not believe it is the majority. Evolution has left us all bigger, and those who are gifted can become faster and stronger.

Take my dude Shohei, and compare him to Babe Ruth's peak against a bunch of beer drinking factory workers. Heck, half a century ago at 6-4, 240, I would have been a D-tackle; now I'd be a big wide out.

That said, a more universal problem — especially for superstars like Bauer — is the extreme excuses our culture affords elite athletes at almost every level because they are the meal tickets for whatever team (and coach) they play for.

And this reaches all the way to high school (and in some cases below).

Because, in nightmarish accusations like this, no one could possibly believe that this is the first time Trevor Bauer went Super Freaky.

As for the second question, well, a couple of things.

This is the saddest part of the cancel-culture world. Normal points and rational thoughts must be hidden or guarded.

Because I understand the hesitation about making that point, but it's certainly a fair question. And a question Bauer's attorneys will assuredly ask.

This whole situation makes me feel like I need a shower.    

From Drew

Where did you get inside info that Giannis wasn't gonna play in these finals ??


Fair question, and I thought he was done. For a while.

But he has played in both games, and played exceedingly well. Which does not bode well for the Bucks since Giannis is there and doing MVP-level things and they are still down 0-2 with two double-digit losses.

Of course this makes Game 3 a must-win for Milwaukee, but that goes without saying.

It also gives Giannis a street-cred he sorely needed. Do I think he gets a title? Not in this series. Which makes you wonder if he will get one in Milwaukee or have to take his show elsewhere.

But when his team has needed him most, dude has stood up. He was great last night. Great. He went 42-12 last night and was 11-of-18 from the foul line. The Bucks lost by 10 but were +3 with Giannis on the floor.

Simply put, he needs more help.

Couple of betting tidbits: Dating back to last year, in the last six games between these two teams the over is 6-0. Also of note, we were a couple of Deandre Ayton buckets from hitting a wicked fat parlay as the Suns covered, Lopez went under and Paul and Holiday went over. Alas. Parlays are the opposite of horseshoes and hand grenades, friends.

And know this: Gotta play the Bucks in Game 3. Have to.

From several of you who offered suggestions for the next Match

You would have to love: John Daly/Bill Murray vs David Feherty/Stephen Curry.

Too much time on my hands back at the office!

Whatcha think of these possible pairings: P. Manning & Justin Rose vs. E. Manning & Lee Westwood?

(Have ya seen some of the EuroTour videos with Rosie, Westie, Kaymer, Sergio & Co?. FUNNY stuff).

But probably need to American golfers. Alas.

Darius Rucker & Dustin Johnson vs. Larry Cable Guy & Bubba Watson.

Back to work!

What about Tiger and Obama vs. Rory and Trump?

The next one has to be Brooks vs Bryson and they can pick their partners.


Great stuff, as always.

Not sure if Brooks and Bryson would agree to it, but that seems logical.

I also like the Mannings idea — and they could play it at The Honors.

The celebs thing is fun to think about. And for whatever reason, even on this fuller than normal July sports weekend — NBA Finals, Wimbledon, soccer, MLB before the All-Star break — I will give the celebrity golf event at Lake Tahoe some time.

From Pat

Saturday is National Pina Colada Day. Should everyone be forced to listen to that song? Or should that be reserved for those in Gitmo?

July 14 is: National Mac and Cheese Day. Yes. National Grand Marnier Day. Raise one for Mike Brooks. National Nude Day. Uh. National Tape Measure Day. 

July 24 is National Tequila Day. No, no, no, a thousand times no.


Thanks for the laugh, and you were included on this album because of the first point.

We actually had this conversation in the lake over the Fourth.

The Pina Colada song is the worst popular song I can think of. Seriously.

Not only is it dreck. It's rhythmic adultery. And how long does that relationship last after they connect in the bar and realize they were both trying to cheat on each other?  

That brings up an interesting Rushmore: Worst popular songs of all time. Go.

As for our BID-ness, let's handle it and get to the weekend, shall we? I think we shall.

Rushmore of arcade video games: Pac-Man, Donkey Kong (which led us to the Mario Bros. friends), Galaga (the best of the space-shooting games), and with apologies to Frogger, Centipede and so many others, my final pick is Missile Command. (Side question: Did every Pizza Hut in the late 70s/early 80s always have an Asteroids game?)

Rushmore of 'good luck' charms: four-leaf clover, rabbit's foot, horseshoe, penny.

Rushmore of Unibrow: Frida, Anthony Davis, Bill Buckner (great call JTC), and Bert (sorry Ernie).

Rushmore of circus: Three-ring, Soleil, Piccadilly, and of course Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey.

Here's today's A2 offering from some fat-faced fellow.

Enjoy the weekend friends.

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Jay Greeson