Let's handle our BID-ness, friends.

Rushmore of Danny Glover: "Lethal Weapon," "Lonesome Dove," "Royal Tenenbaums," "Places in the Heart," (which sadly leaves out some bona fides like "Witness," one of the new Jumanjis, "Silverado" and "The Color Purple" among others).

Rushmore of actors who started as stand-up comedians: OK caveat/mea culpa here, I meant to word this as 'movie stars' but I put actors, so the gaggle of folks who submitted Jerry Seinfeld is correct in the way I worded it. But in terms of movie stars, I'll offer this one: Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Steve Martin and Robin Williams.

Rushmore of forgotten folks in all-time historic moments: Michael Collins, Maj. Henry Rathbone, Henrietta Lacks and whoever was captaining the Pinta and the Nina when Columbus reached the New World.

Rushmore of actors with names that sound like old-school European royalty: Benedict Cumberbatch, Scarlett Johansson, Edward Norton, Carrot Top.

You know the rules. Here's Paschall with more on Josh Heupel.


From Pat

Ok, quick over/under.

Over/under how much of the Olympics you will watch? I put it at an hour, total. I don't think I'll watch a second of it. Just not that interested (though my bosses insist everyone is talking about the Olympics so we have to put it all over social media. Fellas, they ain't. They just ain't.)

Over/under on how long this Olympics will last? I say they pull the plug on the whole thing at a week in.

Pat —

I think it makes it to the finish line, but it will be limping.

The ratings were going to be a challenge anyway considering the time difference, but now? Dreadful.

And I will go north of an hour but not much.

There is a slew of afternoon betting options in play here, after all.

And there is golf.  

Also of interest will be Maria Taylor's move to NBC with these Olympics. Allegedly

Wow, she certainly made the most of Rachel Nichols getting "caught" on camera saying something that no one is really denying as much as they are condemning the notion, you know?

From Ray A.

All your praise of Giannis (I would try his last name but that would be a bad choice) got me thinking if he is already on the Milwaukee sports Rushmore.

Which made me wonder what city would have the best sports Rushmore?


Interesting question, and yes, Giannis is on the Milwaukee Rushmore with Robin Young, Lew Alcindor and Al McGuire. (I know the Packers are huge there but that's Green Bay's Rushmore, not Milwaukee's.

As for the city with the best Rushmore, well, I can tell you, Ray, this one occupied a lot of my time this week.

And while the first answers when it comes to questions about American cities almost always are NYC and L.A., I don't think those are the answers. (Side question: How amazing was Kareem's career when you consider he could easily be on the all-time sports Rushmore of three major cities since he was a high school legend in NYC, an NBA champ in Milwaukee and an NBA and college great in L.A.?)

NYC's sports Rushmore would be dominated by Yankees, and while those dudes are all-timers, that's too one-dimensional for me.

L.A.'s would have Magic and Kareem and even Gretzky, but what Dodgers player makes it? Koufax? Heck, you could make the argument that the most beloved Dodgers personality is Vin Scully.

Chicago is top-heavy with MJ and Sweetness, but if your best baseball option is Ernie Banks, you're not there.

Which leaves us with the place that offers four dudes who are on the GOAT short list in four sports.

Boston has Brady, Bobby Orr, Teddy Ball Game and Bill Russell. That's tough to top.

From Matt H

How in the world would the SEC divide into four pods of four? I often wonder if you just throw (bleep) out there for people to respond to your (bleep).

I hope you could do better.


I always hope I could do better, but there you go.

I think four pods is pretty simple really. And in truth, it checks several boxes moving forward that have to be appealing.

> It offers an extra two games that could determine the SEC champion, and we all know those games would be extremely marketable and coveted.

> It positions the league to routinely put at least two if not three teams in the College Football Playoff, which continues the SEC's dominance of the landscape and the purse strings.

> It expands the footprint to another state, and with OU, Texas and A&M in the same pod, becomes the biggest thing this side of the Cowboys in the Lone Star state.

> It also paves the way, as Vader pointed out earlier this week, to a simple path to a nine-game league schedule, which will be on the horizon sooner rather than later.

Yes, it threatens some of the league's traditions, including where Auburn may be in relation to Alabama in terms of divisions and whether some of the old-school rivalries will be every-year meetings. But in the fast-moving alterations of college sports — we're not far from a 12-team playoff, people, and the presumed Alabama QB has already made seven figures in endorsements without taking a meaningful snap — change is the only constant.    

From Ernie

I just saw the Drinkwitz interview at the SEC meeting. What a refreshing guy! I wish we could get a coach that was open, funny, and relaxed! I think he seems to be the real deal, and will probably enjoy beating the good old Vols! Is trouble brewing in Missouri for the Vols?


First, yes, I think Eli Drinkwitz is the real deal, and the only question for Mizzou fans is how long can they keep him happy.

Second, everyone thinks trouble is brewing for the Vols right now. Well, everyone other than Vandy.

Finally, your email spell check changed the subject line from Drinkwitz to "Drink With" which instantly a) made me open the email and b) made me say, "Absolutely" as I opened it.

And in truth, Eli is on the shortlist of a very impressive list of SEC coaches with whom I would love to have a CoCola.

If we're being honest, and if they would be honest, No. 1 on that list is Saban. I have so many questions for him that range from his leadership skills to whether or not he believes he would have won a Super Bowl if the Miami doctors had OK'd Drew Brees rather than Daunte Culpepper and even if he thinks he could get away with murder (like an actual homicide) in the state of Alabama.

But look around and guys like Eli or Kiffin or Leach or Beamer or Mullen would be a blast to belly-up to the bar with.

Not that long ago that list was considerably shorter.

Great question, Ernie, and enjoy the weekend friends.

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