Red Bank fire captain arrested on DUI charge

photo Richard T. Glover

A Red Bank fire captain was arrested early Thursday morning after he swerved his gold Ford Ranger across Dayton Boulevard with no headlights on and was found with glassy eyes, slurred speech and alcohol on his breath, police said.

Richard T. Glover faces a charge of driving under the influence after Red Bank police arrested him near the Waffle House on Signal Mountain Road about 3 a.m.

The arresting officer noticed a strong smell of marijuana in the cabin of the Ranger. Glover admitted to having smoked but "not that much," according to the arrest report.

The officer requested that Glover step from the vehicle and performed field sobriety tests, including a pupil reaction test and a "one-leg stand test."

Glover raised his right foot for about two seconds but was unsuccessful.

"I can't do any of your test[s]" Glover said, according to the report.

Upon searching the pickup, the arresting officer found an open container of alcohol in the cup holder.

Glover cooperated with the officer.

He was taken to the Red Bank Police Station and refused to take a Breathalizer test. He then was taken to the Hamilton County Jail, where he was forced to submit to a blood test to determine his blood-alcohol level. Jail officials said he made bond Thursday morning.

Glover has been suspended without pay pending a full investigation, said Red Bank City Manager Randall Smith. Smith offered no other information on the captain. Glover has a previous record of arrest and conviction of a DUI from 1987 in Hamilton County, according to the arrest report.