Chattanooga City Council votes to sue election commission for same-sex ballot question

Chattanooga City Council voted to sue the Hamilton County Election Commission over the ballot question related to the same-sex ordinance.

With an 8-1 vote, the city voted to ask a judge to decide who gets to write the question on the August ballot: the city attorney's office or the petitioners of the recall.

The Hamilton County Election Commission voted Friday to approve the language of the ballot question seeking to recall the city ordinance that would allow city employees with domestic partners to have the same benefits as married couples.

The measure was meant to go into effect July 1, but it was halted when a local conservative political group filed the petition to recall it.

Originally, the city attorney's office was asked to rewrite the ballot question but the election commission decided that the state law requires that the petitioners in a recall get to decide the ballot question.

See tomorrow's Times Free Press for complete coverage.

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