Honey buns, ramen noodles and buffalo chips are big business in the Hamilton County Jail

photo Hamilton County Jail Commissary Officer Wise makes his deliveries to prisoners inside the maximum security area Friday.

photo A Hamilton County Jail inmate makes a phone call from inside the maximum security area Friday.

Top five sellers, July 1, 2013-June 30, 20141. Freeze-dried coffeeKanku's cost: $3.49Jail cost: $4.552. Honey BunKanku's cost: $.99Jail cost:$1.053. Ramen chili soupKanku's cost: $.69Jail cost: $.754. Hot buffalo wing chipsKanku's cost: $.99Jail cost: $.705. Doritos Nacho chipsKanku's cost: $.50Jail cost: $.70

There is no Ben & Jerry's in jail. No Netflix, no recliners.

Inmates urinate where they sleep. They wait behind metal bars with strangers.

But once a week, these accused men find comfort in the pleasure of individually wrapped, gas station-quality snack food.