Heavy rains cause shortage of drinking water in area towns

Copperhill issues water conservation, boil advisories

Copperhill has issued water conservation, boil advisories.

Under a boil order?

Here’s what to do:Fill a pot with water and heat until it reaches a rolling boil. Allow the water to boil up to three minutes before turning off the heat source. Allow the water to cool before putting it in a storage container.Source: City of Copperhill, Tenn., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

It might seem a little out of place to ask people to conserve water when the entire South is already swamped, but that's what officials in Copperhill, Tenn., and McCaysville, Ga., want their water customers to do.

Recent heavy rains have created a water shortage for the two towns often called "twin cities."

In Copperhill, officials also called for the utility's 400 customers to begin boiling their water to make sure it's drinkable after officials announced Tuesday that water was being hauled in from another location.