Georgia urges caution, offers tips for winter weather driving

A Department of Transportation inclement weather vehicle stages in preparation for frozen precipitation to begin falling on Highway 27 early Monday morning.

ATLANTA -- With predictions of possible ice hitting Georgia roads, the Governor's Office of Highway Safety is urging motorists to keep the following tips in mind for driving in winter weather:

Before you leave:

* Make sure all windows, mirrors, backup cameras and front sensors are clear of ice, snow or frost. Do not use the "peek through a hole" driving method.
* While snowsuits and other thick, insulated winter wear will keep your children warm, they may impede the function of child passenger safety seats. Secure your child in the seat and cover them with blankets instead.
* If you drive an electric or hybrid car, plug it in and use your thermal heating system, if equipped. Warm the passenger compartment while plugged in.
* Walk around your car and make sure all tires are inflated and have adequate tread.