Chattanooga man indicted for mosque-burning plot

Robert Doggart

A federal grand jury in Knoxville has indicted a Chattanooga man for soliciting another person to violate federal civil rights laws by burning down a mosque in Islamberg, New York.

The Department of Justice said Tuesday that 63-year-old Robert Doggart has been indicted by a grand jury in Knoxville on a charge of violating civil rights laws. The indictment says Doggart tried to "solicit, command, induce and endeavor" to persuade someone to burn down a mosque in "Islamberg," a self-named community outside Hancock, New York, consisting primarily of Muslims.

Doggart agreed to plead guilty in April to a charge of plotting an attack that involved killing residents and burning at least three buildings in Islamberg. But the plea agreement was thrown out by a federal judge on June 29.