Police chief was kissing cop's wife in car, divorce complaint states

Maddux demoted, to stay at department as captain

Cindy Griggs and Dennis Maddux
photo Dennis Maddux

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Cleveland Police Chief Dennis Maddux has returned to his job as captain of the police department's support services division.

"He has been reassigned," said Evie West, information officer for the city police department.

Maddux only served in the position for one day before being removed by City Manager Janice Casteel on March 2 following a weekend altercation involving him, police officer Jeff Griggs and Griggs' wife, Cindy.

The former police chief and 28-year veteran of the department served as interim chief since January. In 2012, he was promoted to captain of support services.

According to an affidavit filed by the McMinn County Sheriff's Office, Griggs was charged with domestic assault after his wife claimed he bit her fingers when she tried to remove a memory card from his camera.

Griggs had been covertly photographing his wife and Maddux, who were kissing in a borrowed parked vehicle, according to his March 2 complaint for divorce.

His wife stated that she had been discussing a previously unreported incident of spousal abuse with Maddux.

Griggs is currently on paid non-disciplinary administrative leave, said West.

Casteel, who is currently serving as head of the police department, has not initiated an internal investigation involving either officer, said West. That could change, pending on the results of Griggs' criminal court proceedings.

Another Cleveland police chief retired last year after video footage surfaced showing him and the director of MainStreet Cleveland involved in an apparent love nest.

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