Georgia state Rep. Tom Weldon's brother again facing criminal charges

photo Tom Weldon

The brother of a Georgia State Representative is facing criminal charges once again, this time for aggravated assault and another slew of drug charges.

Wesley Weldon, the brother of Rep. Tom Weldon, R-Ringgold, was booked in Catoosa County on Friday night on multiple felony counts of drug possession, one count of aggravated assault and one count of possession of tools for the commission of a crime.

His bond was set at $18,500, according to online booking information from the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office. Neither Sheriff Gary Sisk nor Tom Weldon were immediately available for comment Friday night.

The Times Free Press previously reported that in a prior drug case involving Wesley Weldon, evidence went missing during the investigation.

Investigators first arrested Weldon after his ex-wife requested a restraining order. Though the terms of their divorce in November dictated that they could not harass each other, his ex-wife said she received a voicemail from him.

She said it sounded like he was talking to somebody else while the phone recorded him: "Grab the AK. [Expletive] that [expletive]. Let's see how he likes a gun in his mouth. Let's go."

When deputies arrived to serve Wesley Weldon in February 2015 with the restraining order, according to an incident report, they found methamphetamine, two "smoking devices," two digital scales and hypodermic needles. They also found rock salts and HEET, an antifreeze with methanol, which investigators believe Wesley Weldon used to make the drug.

"Detective [Jeremy] Keener asked Weldon if he injected methamphetamine, to which he responded, 'No,'" Jordan wrote in the report. "Weldon was asked if he injected pills, to which he responded, 'Yes.'"

Investigators took pictures at Wesley Weldon's house, apparently showing the drugs as the sheriff's office found them.

But Detective Scott Jordan later realized someone left the camera behind. He applied for a search warrant four days after Wesley Weldon's arrest, while Weldon remained in jail. When Jordan arrived at the house, an incident report shows, the camera was missing.

Jordan's report does not give a reason for the camera's disappearance. Multiple law enforcement sources, however, say Tom Weldon provided an explanation. One source with direct knowledge of the investigation said the state representative told members of the sheriff's office that burglars ransacked Wesley Weldon's house after his arrest, which is why the camera went missing.

No report of a burglary was made by Weldon in the days after the house was apparently ransacked.

Staff writer Tyler Jett contributed to this story.

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