Motorhome carrying 100 pounds of marijuana seized in Marion County

Tennessee Highway Patrol stops motorhome and locates 100 pounds of marijuana coming from Colorado.

A traffic stop in Marion County led to a huge drug bust with 100 pounds of marijuana being seized by the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

When a motorhome traveling eastbound on I-24 was stopped, after interviewing the driver, 40-year-old Lester Beltran, a trooper observed several indicators of possible criminal activity.

The trooper called for backup and got permission to search the motorhome. The trooper and his K-9 began to look inside the vehicle where they found several duffel bags and moving boxes in the bedroom area.

Beltran eventually revealed it was marijuana. Troopers then located six cardboard boxes containing 83 vacuum sealed bags of high grade marijuana weighing a total of 100 pounds.

The vehicle was seized and the suspect was arrested.

Beltran was traveling from Colorado, where he got the marijuana, to take it back to Miami, Florida.