Tax breaks for housing up for Chattanooga City Council vote

Donna Williams

Chattanooga leaders hope to boost affordable housing options across the city by means of a new tax break program for developers.

The plan, which has drawn critical scrutiny from local activists, comes up for a City Council vote Tuesday evening, after a same-day review by the council's Economic and Development Committee.

"This program will promote truly affordable housing in downtown and other parts of the city, and I'm proud of that," Councilman Chris Anderson, who is chairman of the committee, said in a phone interview Friday.

The plan was originally presented to the City Council for a Sept. 6 vote, but the council agreed to a two-week deferral after Accountability for Taxpayer Money, a citizen watchdog group, cried foul, citing lack of public discussion on program details. Mayor Andy Berke announced intentions to revise the current tax incentive program in July, but released few details at the time.