Four killed in twin-engine plane crash in Ramhurst, Georgia

Four people died in a plane crash Saturday afternoon in Ramhurst, Georgia, Murray County Sheriff Gary Langford confirmed.

Two females and two males were killed in the incident involving a twin-engine Piper PA-23.

"At the time this happened there was a heavy storm, rain, heavy wind, had this point we just don't know what happened," Langford told reporters at a news conference near the scene of the crash.

The crash happened at approximately 4:45 p.m.

Langford said it's believed the plane disintegrated in the air, and the crash site is located near Piney Hill Road and Old Highway 411.

It's unclear where the plane left from and where it was going, Langford said, adding that authorities are not yet releasing the plane's tail number.

"So far we have not found a flight plan," Langford said.

The Federal Aviation Administration is on its way to investigate the crash along with the National Transportation Safety Board.