Deadly fake Percocet contains synthetic drug seven times stronger than morphine

Fake pills masquerading as Percocet seized in a Winchester, Tenn., police investigation.

Decatur, GA – The Georgia Bureau of Investigation's crime lab identified counterfeit pills related to several overdoses in central Georgia.

The analysis confirmed the pills contained a mixture of two types of synthetic opioids: cyclopropyl fentanyl and U-47700, according to a press release from the GBI.

The Associated Press reported Sunday that 33 people were affected by drug overdoses during the previous week, and another four died.

Cyclopropyl fentanyl is chemically similar to the narcotic fentanyl, which is used to treat severe pain. This is the first time cyclopropyl fentanyl has been reported in Georgia, and it is not known how it affects the human body, as it is not intended for human or veterinary use.

U-47700 is a painkiller that is seven-and-a-half times stronger than morphine.

Both of the drugs are highly dangerous and should not be handled, according to the press release.