Chattanooga officer under rape investigation was fired from UTC for allegedly harassing woman

The outside of the McKenzie Arena at UTC.

A Chattanooga police officer at the center of multiple rape investigations was fired from his position as a University of Tennessee at Chattanooga campus police officer after allegedly harassing a woman while working security at an event in 2016, according to an incident report.

Desmond Logan allegedly had the woman drive him to an empty parking lot where he grabbed her, pulled out his handcuffs and later fired his stun gun, according to an incident report outlining the details of that night. The officer had been hired by the Chattanooga Police Department prior to the incident. There is no mention of it in his Chattanooga Police Department file and no record of discipline.

The Chattanooga Police Department declined to comment. Logan did not return several calls seeking comment. And the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga communications department deferred to the chief of the university police force, who also did not return a call seeking comment.

Logan is the subject of three ongoing investigations: an FBI investigation, a Hamilton County Sheriff's Office criminal investigation and a Chattanooga Police Department internal affairs investigation. At least three women accused Logan of raping them while he worked in his capacity as a police officer, and a fourth accused him of criminal misconduct.

The alleged incidents span nearly Logan's entire time on the Chattanooga force, which began in 2014. The investigations began only after a recent alleged victim reported the incident to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office in June, rather than the police department as the other women claim to have done. Logan is now on paid leave.

The incident happened on Jan. 2, 2016, between Desmond Logan and a part-time employee working a concession stand at the Southern Scuffle wrestling event at McKenzie Arena. He had been hired by the Chattanooga Police Department before the incident.

Logan was stationed outside Gate A when the woman decided to take a smoke break, according to the incident report.

At first, Logan "seemed nice," the woman said. He told her he was worried about her skin, saying she would look older if she continued to smoke. They had never met, according to the report.

Logan went inside to turn in his radio and signed a timesheet to end his shift. He signed off at 9:45 p.m., according to the report.

Nearly 45 minutes later, he returned to Gate A and located the woman and another person working the event. They talked for half an hour, but the women found the conversation "odd," noting he was sharing his life story with two strangers, they later told university police. He also told them about a relationship he had with a 66-year-old "white female while he was twenty seven years of age," according to the report.

After the conversation, the officer allegedly walked both women to their vehicles. One offered him a ride to his car since he wasn't wearing a jacket and it was cold. She asked him where had parked and he told her. She drove him there, but the lot was empty.

The woman became nervous and uneasy, according to the report. She asked again where he parked, and he told her a different lot - one they had already passed.

She got to the lot and stopped her car alongside what was believed to be Logan's vehicle. She kept the car in drive with her foot on the brake. She told Logan she needed to go home or her family would come looking for her, according to the report.

Logan allegedly reached over and put the car into park.

"At this point, [the woman] became extremely uncomfortable and advised she did not know what to do," the incident report states.

She called the woman who had been with her before she had left with Logan. Her car was set up with Bluetooth, so Logan could hear the conversation.

He grabbed her by the right shoulder, pulled her close to him and whispered "don't tell her I'm in the car," according to the report. He would say that three times during the brief conversation, according to the report. The woman was nervous, upset and afraid, she told officers later.

Logan allegedly pulled out his handcuffs and started twirling them in his fingers. The victim asked him to stop, and he did, according to the report. He put the handcuffs away and pulled out his stun gun. He put it near her leg and pulled the trigger, according to the report. The woman saw a spark and felt a shocking sensation in her right thigh area, she later told campus officers.

She got out of the car and yelled at Logan. He allegedly tried to calm her down and apologized. She told him to leave, according to the report. He did.

The woman reported the incident to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga that Monday. The incident allegedly took place Saturday night. Both the woman and the second woman were interviewed.

"The reporting officer has relieved Officer Logan of his term-service to the university police department. No charges are forthcoming," the report ends.

The woman from the January 2016 incident has hired an attorney - the same attorney representing other alleged victims of the officer.

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