Yellow Deli's Twelve Tribes back in the spotlight as subject of new podcast, documentary

The Yellow Deli building sits near the campus of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

A decade after its return to Chattanooga, the controversial religious group behind the Yellow Deli restaurant on McCallie Avenue and many other businesses around the world is finding itself back in the spotlight.

A new investigative podcast, "The Twelve," will detail the history and beliefs of the communal Christian group known as the Twelve Tribes and how religious freedom protects a lot of its practices.


May 1973: First Yellow Deli, owned by Gene and Marsha Spriggs, opens on Brainerd Road.January 1975: Group decides to leave First Presbyterian Church and starts having its own service.February 1975: Chattanooga residents began to speak out against the group.October 1979: The group decides to leave Chattanooga to move to Island Pond, Vermont.1980: The group leaves for Vermont and members later decide to call themselves the Twelve Tribes.June