Chattanooga's Incline Railway receiving two new cars to replace pair installed in 1987

CARTA Incline patrons enjoy a late November day two days before Thanksgiving. / Staff photo by Tim Barber

A year from now, Chattanooga's Incline Railway will celebrate an important milestone: 125 years in service. And for the last 32 years, the same pair of cars has been ferrying passengers up and down the side of Lookout Mountain.

But in February and March, they will be retired as the Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority installs a new pair of cars, an investment totaling about $4 million.

The current cars continue to operate safely, CARTA Executive Director Lisa Maragnano explained last week. It's just time for a much-needed update.

Now under construction by Brookville Equipment Corp. in Brookville, Pennsylvania, the cars will resemble the current ones in many ways, while updating a number of features.