Hart: A look back at 2019, the year that was

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Here is my annual look-back at the year that was:

* House of Representatives leadership, Californians "Schiff for Brains" and "Nanny" Pelosi, and New Yorker "Lil' Nads" Nadler, conjured up impeachment charges as they promised in 2016. You have to suspend logic not to know this was Deep State subversion of the Trump presidency. They are afraid there will be meddling in their 2020 election ... by American voters.

Dems who contrived a covert and partisan impeachment inquiry have no principled argument against a party-line dismissal in the Senate. Pelosi sat on articles of impeachment, clearly a job better suited for Jerry Nadler.

* Prince Andrew got demoted from the Royal Family over cavorting with Jeffrey Epstein. At Christmas dinner at the palace, he was banished to the kids' table, which I felt sent a mixed message.

Yes, the Queen fired her son. Joe Biden thought to himself, "Damn. I should have thought of that."

* It seems the worm has turned on the Obama Deep State. Let's never forget his administration's taxes, regulations, wars, weaponizing government against enemies, $10 trillion in debt, food stamps and slow economic growth. Those are among a few of the reasons you never see a T-shirt with Obama's picture on it that says, "Miss Me Yet?"

Under Trump, manufacturing in the U.S. is back. Even Dems are manufacturing things: Russian collusion, Kavanaugh accusers, impeachment, etc.

* The hypocrisy of overpriced colleges was exposed in 2019 with the cheating/pay-to-play scandal. Now OJ is out and USC is embarrassed. When millennials ask OJ if he played sports, he only talks about his Nevada prison softball team.

USC, which has seven Heisman Trophy winners, felt it needed to make amends to the liberal edu-crat establishment. When they heard that five of their winners had played for the South in the Senior Bowl in Mobile, USC students tore down their campus statues. Race is so sensitive now that the University of Tennessee has even asked Peyton Manning to tone down his Southern accent.

* Terrorist leader and the son of Osama bin Laden, Hamza, was taken out. His funeral was short and respectful; he was laid to rest by our Special Forces in the bin Laden family ocean. Most ISIS members are so defeated that they have lost their will to die.

* Forget impeachment; the most troubling thing about Trump's success is the massive turnover of his appointees. It's like he misses "The Apprentice." But it is an exciting time to be an American where, at some point, each of us will have an opportunity to run ICE for two weeks.

* Trump had his physical exam and is in astonishingly good health for as poorly as he eats. The doctor said to keep an eye on his High Cholesterol, which Biden thought was a Jewish holiday.

* The Democrat hopefuls just finished an odd debate in Los Angeles, where the aged, all-white hopefuls got into a tizzy over who had been to a "wine cave." They love to traffic in the politics of envy. This is what Democrat politics have become: the elitists love to act like they are poor. The poorer and dumber, the better is their view. It got so heated over who drinks wine that Elizabeth Warren even pointed to Bernie Sanders' alligator shoes. It turned out Bernie was not wearing shoes at the time.

* Michael Bloomberg, who had retired to spend more time with his money, felt he needed to enter the race. Bloomberg made so much money as a Republican that he can now afford to run for office as a Democrat.

* Enraged by left-wing edu-crats, Time Magazine Person of the Year was global warming hysteric Greta Thunberg. The 16-year-old is the new expert on climate change. She recently said leaders should be lined up against a wall (implying shot) for what we have done to her generation. If you catch yourself feeling guilty about ruining the world for her generation, you haven't spent a lot of time with teenagers.

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