New report highlights Volkswagen's economic weight in Tennessee, U.S.

VW supports about 16,400 jobs in state through automaker's Chattanooga assembly plant

Volkswagen employees work around vehicles moving down the assembly line at the Volkswagen Plant Thursday, Aug. 31, 2017, in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Volkswagen's Tennessee footprint supports about 16,400 jobs in the state through the automaker's Chattanooga assembly plant, supplier network and other impacts, a new study says.

Also, about $73.8 million in state and local taxes stemmed from the German automaker's presence in Tennessee in 2017, according to the Ernst & Young report commissioned by VW.

By the numbers

Volkswagen in Tennessee has driven about 16,408 jobs:› 12,127: Indirect and induced jobs› 3,809: Direct jobs› 472: VW and Audi dealership jobsSource: Ernst & Young report

In addition, VW's economic output, which typically measures the value of all sales of goods and services, in Tennessee was $8.56 billion that year, the report said.

The study doesn't include an $800 million expansion in Chattanooga VW revealed in January that is to add 1,000 more jobs. A new electric vehicle facility will make an SUV starting in 2022, VW officials have said.