Hart: Election results will 'go postal' if Democrats get their way with mail-in voting

Photo by Nati Harnik of The Associated Press / In this Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2020, photo, a person drops applications for mail-in-ballots into a mail box in Omaha, Nebraska.

My Druncle Mac will be voting Democrat for the first time in his life this November, by mail-in ballot - which is remarkable because he voted Republican in every election until he died a few months ago.

Democrats are inviting a disaster in November by suddenly demanding mail-in ballots. Sane people know that mailing ballots out to mailboxes where anyone can send them back is fraud waiting to happen. It has already caused issues in New York, where results of a primary election months ago have yet to be determined because of screw-ups with mail-in ballots.

Democrats are intentionally causing chaos so that they can again say that if they lose, the election was fraudulent. If you can go and present your credit card to get gas, you can go and vote.

We would be relying on our vaunted postal workers to get ballots to the vote counters in time. Postal workers, who are heavily government-union, Democrat types, can easily "misplace" ballots from districts that vote Republican. It's like asking Jeffrey Epstein to babysit your 14-year-old daughter; you just know from the giddy-up that so many things can go wrong.

The American Postal Workers Union made political donations to the tune of "93% of it to Democrats and two independents who caucus with them," according to data compiled by Bloomberg from the Federal Election Commission and the Center for Responsive Politics. You might as well let MSNBC count the ballots.

As we see in Democrat-run cities like Portland, Seattle, New York and Atlanta, there is zero chance of getting arrested for crimes like looting, beating people up or rioting, as long as they aid the Left's cause. For them, voter fraud would be child's play.

One of the Democrat mayors on Biden's "short list" for VP, Keisha Lance Bottoms, has let Atlanta become a cop-less crimefest where looters rampage unimpeded. In the veepstakes Keisha felt she had to make a strong statement to Atlanta looters. Her message to those at Nike stores: "I wear a size 7 1/2."

"White privilege," as defined by modern Democrat mayors, is being allowed to come back to the Nike store and exchange shoes that you looted because you stole the wrong size.

Rushing this game of mail-in ballots is reckless. SIGNiX, a Tennessee-based digital signature company, could easily adapt its software to allow voting online. PCs and smartphones all have cameras. Their program would take a picture of voters to verify their identity and document their vote. This could be ready by the next election. That would make sense, but government rarely does things that make sense.

Kamala Harris supports mail-in voter fraud. Like Biden, she is for most anything the Left puts on her teleprompter to read. She, and most of the other female VP candidates, bashed Biden for his sexual assault allegations and called him a racist. I think he made the VP "short" list so long just to shut up most of these women. Then he finally went with Kamala. It's like a bar late at night: At closing time you just go with your best shot.

The historic part of the Biden selection is that an Indian/Jamaican woman (Harris) is now "African-American." Biden had but one job, to pick a black woman, and he went with the first Indian woman to run for the second highest office in the land. It's sad for Liz Warren - how quickly they forget.

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