Cleveland High School's plan for May 15 graduation spurs petition

Pictured is the science building at Cleveland High School. Both Bradley Central High School and Cleveland High School have both built new attachments to their facilities. / Photo by Jake Daniels

Cleveland (Tennessee) High School intends to honor its graduating class of 2020, but the date administrators have chosen is a subject of intense debate.

The school announced last week that it would hold separate graduation ceremonies on May 15 at Raider Arena. Students whose last names end in the letters A through J will be honored at 4 that afternoon, while the rest will be honored at 7 to ensure that there wouldn't be overcrowding in the arena, in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines.

The announcement has been met with some resistance from both the community and the senior class, with some seniors calling for one larger joint ceremony that would allow the entire class to be honored at the same time. There are some in the community that would rather the graduation be pushed back to June.