Bradley County commissioner says officials 'rushed to judgment' in response to coronavirus pandemic

Peak says people 'wise enough to take steps' themselves

Photo courtesy of the Bradley County Commission / Bradley County Fourth District Commissioner Charlotte Peak

A county commissioner in Bradley County, Tennessee, doesn't mince words when it comes to her position on the coronavirus pandemic.

A recent image that Fourth District Bradley County Commissioner Charlotte Peak posted on her social media page expresses her opinion. It shows a sheep wearing a mask with a red crossbar across it.

"You can shove your new normal where the sun don't shine," it says, making clear she's not buying into much of the local and national response, which she says arouses fear and overreaction.

The Times Free Press recently asked Peak some questions about her position.

Q: Can you explain why you believe people are being duped and what you believe the response to the pandemic should be?

A: I believe the virus is real, that has never been in question.