Case: Dotzie the mountain cur dog has a few things to say

Photo by Larry Case / Outdoors columnist Larry Case poses with Dotzie, his mountain cur dog who looks forward to the late fall and trips to the woods to hunt squirrels.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Sometimes I'm just too busy to get a column out, so I asked a guest to step in for me this time. Please, no comments about her writing better than I do.

My name is Dotzie, and I'm a dog. A mountain cur dog to be exact, but maybe we will talk about that later.

The human guy I care for along with my sidekick Callie - she's a mostly retired English pointer - is Larry Case. Some of you may have heard of him; most of you have not. He does a lot sitting in front of that screen he calls a computer. He mutters a lot and rubs his head and says he is writing for newspapers and magazines. Callie and I walk over and nudge his leg and offer to help, but usually he just ignores us, although sometimes we do get an ear scratch.