District Attorney Steve Crump denies allegations of affair, blackmail in Cleveland, Tennessee, woman's murder conviction

Tenth Judicial District Attorney General Steve Crump / Staff file photo

Tenth Judicial District Attorney General Steve Crump is denying allegations of an affair or that he was blackmailed into securing a conviction in a 2018 second-degree murder trial.

Allegations of the affair and blackmail came to light when Chattanooga attorney Bill Speek filed a series of motions seeking a new trial for his client, Miranda Cheatham, who was convicted in the killing of her husband, James Cheatham, in 2016. She was sentenced to 18 years in prison, though she has maintained she was acting in self-defense.

The motions detailed several instances of alleged misconduct by the prosecutors who tried the case - Coty Wamp and Drew Robinson.

They also detail an allegedly incriminating recorded conversation between James Cheatham's siblings that was never produced at trial despite prosecutors having been made aware of it by the Cleveland Police Department, though police Chief Mark Gibson was the only person who listened to the recording until after the trial, according to prosecutors.