Why Marjorie Taylor Greene's opponent quit the House race

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Kevin Van Ausdal's uphill campaign for a U.S. House seat ended with a knock on his door late Wednesday while he was cooking dinner.

It was a deputy sheriff, there to serve him divorce papers from his wife. As part of the proceedings, he would have to vacate the home they shared.

After flirting with renting a nearby place, the Democrat decided to move in with family in Indiana - and abruptly abandon his congressional bid for an open seat against Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Van Ausdal didn't initially want to share those details, which were provided with his approval by his campaign aide, Michael McGraw. But rumors of threats and coercion had surfaced on social media after he cited "personal and family reasons" for his surprise decision to drop out.

"We told him there's no wiggle room here," said McGraw, the candidate's principal consultant.