Kennedy: Turn off Netflix, turn on to exercise

Nicholas Boer, who teaches exercise physiology at UTC, (right), is an advisor to the Onsight Fitness center in the Dome Building on Georgia Avenue. Josh Johann, left, is one of the founders of the business. University of Tennessee at Chattanooga photo by Angela Foster.

This is the story of how the ivory tower met the golden dome.

Nicholas Boer, 49, teaches exercise physiology. His full title is a mouthful: U.C. Foundation associate professor in the department of health and human performance at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Boer, who has been at UTC for about 20 years, is determined to avoid the disconnect that happens when college professors have too little contact with the business world, the so-called "ivory tower" effect.

For the past few years, Boer has been an advisor to a handful of his former UTC students who represent a new wave of personal trainers with deep grounding in exercise science. A few of them are building a new kind of business inside the Dome Building on Georgia Avenue in downtown Chattanooga.