Chattanooga Mayor Kelly names Brock as director of city's intergovernmental relations office

Oscar Brock / Staff file photo
photo Oscar Brock / Staff file photo

NASHVILLE - Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly has tapped businessman and longtime Republican activist Oscar Brock for a newly created role as the city's director of intergovernmental relations.

It comes as Kelly seeks to forge stronger ties with leaders in Hamilton County, those in other municipalities within the county and nearby counties and cities in Southeast Tennessee, as well as state and federal lawmakers and officials.

"Oscar will be reporting directly to the mayor and really liaising with the mayor and our fellow governments," said Ellis Smith, the city's director of special projects.

Kelly, who succeeded two-term Mayor Andy Berke, a former state Democratic legislator who sometimes had fraught relations with both Republican state legislators and Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger, expects Brock to "fill a critical need for Chattanooga to re-engage with our region, re-engage with our friends at the county and re-engage with our friends in Nashville and D.C.