Tennessee governor says transparency on migrant children was 'clearly different' under Trump

Gov. Bill Lee's office has not responded to requests to identify specific ways in which Biden administration is providing less information

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee addresses attendees following his ceremonial signing of the state's new permitless gun-carry law on Wednesday, June 2, at the Berreta USA gun manufacturing plant in Gallatin, Tenn. (Photo by Andy Sher/Times Free Press)

Gov. Bill Lee said this week that federal transparency about the movement of migrant children was different under President Donald Trump, as the governor continues his criticism of federal immigration policies under President Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, while visiting a Beretta USA factory in Gallatin, Tennessee, for a ceremonial signing of a gun-rights bill, Lee said the federal government was facilitating human trafficking by moving unaccompanied children away from the border to shelters such as the one in Chattanooga's Highland Park neighborhood.

"States do not know when these unaccompanied minors are being brought into the states, and that's the biggest challenge for us," Lee said. "We have a great deal of concern about these kids and the trafficking that will continue if we don't secure the border and if the federal government doesn't provide transparency around those children, and that's what we've been after."