A guide to the Chattanooga area's 9 coolest swimming holes

Cummins Falls / Creative Commons photo

Summers in Tennessee can be brutal.

When the temperature threatens to inch into the triple digits and humidity smothers the air, not even the stale breeze choking from dying A/C units can provide relief.

Not like Chattanooga's swimming holes can.

Luring locals in with cool waters and stunning scenery for decades, the area's natural swimming spots have always offered refuge from the summer sun, but that isn't the extent of their appeal. Chattanooga is home to some of the most unique swimming holes ever sculpted by Mother Nature, and a quick look at some of our favorites will show you what we mean. Crafted by nature's artistry and dripping with personality, each pool offers an extraordinary blend of features sure to turn "hot as hell" into a slice of heaven.

1. North Chick Blue Hole