Chattanooga's longtime chief financial officer is retiring

THUMBNAIL Contributed photo from city of Chattanooga / Daisy Madison
photo Contributed photo from city of Chattanooga / Daisy Madison

Daisy Madison, the city of Chattanooga's longtime chief financial officer, announced Monday that she will retire this year, according to a news release.

Madison was hired as deputy chief finance officer in 1992 by then-Mayor Gene Roberts and has served under a succession of mayors, including Jon Kinsey, Bob Corker, Ron Littlefield, Andy Berke and Tim Kelly.

"I didn't think of it as a job. I really took ownership of the position and looked at it as my opportunity to contribute to the city in which I live," Madison said through a released statement. "Because I was serving my community, it was important to do the best job that I could, and it was important that it be done professionally and with the highest standards of honesty and integrity."

Madison was appointed city treasurer in 2002 and advanced in 2005 to chief financial officer and administrator of the Department of Finance and Administration. She is "most proud of her work creating additional accountability and transparency around how funds are collected and spent at the city," the release stated.

Madison and the city were awarded the Government Finance Officers Association certificate of achievement for excellence in financial reporting, as well as the award for distinguished budget presentation. She has also been recognized for her work with upgrading and maintaining the city's AAA bond rating, which saves taxpayer money and ensures that more resources flow to city services instead of debt service, according to the city.

"I was thrilled when Daisy agreed to stay on through our first budget and the reorganization of government, but the loss of such an experienced and talented financial manager is certainly going to sting," Mayor Tim Kelly said in a statement from City Hall.

"Our community has long been blessed by Daisy's calm competence, her composure under fire and her enduring kindness to those around her," his statement said.

Brent Goldberg, who as chief of staff was active in managing Kelly's transition into the mayor's office, will assume the duties of the chief financial officer role. He will manage an expanded portfolio that includes the Finance and Administration, Purchasing, Treasury, and Grants and Opportunities departments and teams, the city said.

"I can't think of a better role for Brent than the critical job of expanding the city's financial ability to creatively meet the needs of our residents," Kelly said.

photo Brent Goldberg

Joda Thongnopnua, the mayor's chief policy officer, will serve as interim chief of staff during the transition period.

- Compiled by Kiara Green