Monoclonal antibody treatments in Dalton, Georgia, are covered by standing doctor's order

Staff Photo by Matt Hamilton / Dalton Fire Department paramedic Michael Sams injects the monoclonal antibody treatment into the abdomen of a Cartersville resident earlier this month in a drive-through setting at the Dalton Convention Center parking lot.

When people first started lining up to receive monoclonal antibody treatments at the convention center in Dalton, Georgia, last month in the hopes of fighting COVID-19, the city said prescriptions were not necessary for patients.

Given the somewhat intense nature of the treatment - involving four injections to the abdomen - some wondered how it could be done without a written order from each patient's doctor.

The answer? The Dalton effort is taking place under a standing order from Dr. Jason Nicely, emergency medicine physician at Hamilton Medical Center.

Officials planning the Dalton drive took inspiration from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who launched a rapid response initiative for the treatments in August under an order from the state's surgeon general to waive the need for prescriptions.