Opinion: In need of two kidneys, 17-year-old Cooper Moore a patient with patience

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Cooper Moore is a 17-year-old junior at Collegedale Academy, and he's like every other teenager.

He enjoys sports and his friends and is completely comfortable spending time in his room playing video games, his mother Tami Lloyd said by phone Thursday.

"He doesn't really like being the center of attention," she said.

But circumstances demand change, and Cooper's situation is dire.

His everyday teenager demeanor does not reveal that he has failing kidneys.

Not bad kidneys, failing. And not kidney, kidneys.

"It's something we've known about since before he was born," Lloyd said. "When I was pregnant, we knew something was wrong but did not know what. We knew it was something with his bladder and kidneys but could not tell what the problem was."

The outlet obstruction he experienced from birth has led to Cooper dealing with a lifetime of kidney issues, but once he hit puberty, the stress was magnified.