TiggerTown receives thousands of donated beds to help Chattanooga-area rescues, community

Contributed Photo by TiggerTown / Volunteers from TiggerTown work recently to distribute donated dog beds from Bark Inc. to local rescues and individuals in the community. Another distribution event will take place at 9 a.m. Saturday.

TiggerTown Inc. of Chattanooga is known for its work rescuing cats, but few know the group also serves as an ambassador for Greater Good Charities.

It's this partnership that led the group to acquire a donation of more than 6,000 dog beds from Bark Inc. that are now being distributed to other rescues in the greater Chattanooga and North Georgia areas.

"We're using these beds to help other local 501(c)(3) nonprofits and members of our community," TiggerTown owner Candice Russell said in a phone call. "Currently, I work with 41 groups in our areas, and we're distributing these beds across the Chattanooga region."

Russell estimates that over the course of the donation about 60 truckloads of dog beds on about 112 pallets will have come through the rescue, with 56 more pallets scheduled to be arriving in the coming weeks.