Hamilton County, Chattanooga leaders welcome teens back to school

Staff Photo by Robin Rudd / As the sun rises behind Brainerd High School Executive Principal Dr. Crystal Sorrells takes a photo of the inspirational sign, out front, on the first day of school. Elected officials, law enforcement officers, community leaders and alumni gathered at Brainerd High School to welcome back students on the first day of school, on August 10, 2022.

Chattanooga Police Chief Celeste Murphy, Hamilton County Commissioner David Sharpe and Juvenile Court Judge Robert Philyaw were among several community leaders who lined up at the main entrance to Brainerd High School to welcome students back on Wednesday morning.

"I was nervous and scared," Dakota Putman, a junior at Brainerd, said as classmate Mariah Carter agreed. "We liked the energy, it's different."

Both Putnam and Carter said that with the welcome they feel good about the school year and look forward to having a good one.

"Let's go Brainerd, let's go," teachers and community leaders chanted as the students got off the bus and made it into the main entrance.

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