Husband-and-wife duo War and Treaty bring powerful music with a message of love

File photo / Michael and Tanya Trotter of The War & Treaty return to Chattanooga in June for the Riverbend 2022. The husband and wife are staples on the festival circuit and played in recent years in Chattanooga at Moon River and Nightfall. They are known for their powerful, high energy gospel-infused shows.

At Bonnaroo in 2018, members of the War and Treaty endeared themselves to a large crowd of people with their impassioned performance and co-lead singer Michael Trotter's stories of dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder after serving two tours of duty in Iraq. Before their set was over, Trotter, along with his wife Tanya, had the crowd holding hands, hugging each other and shedding real tears as a show of love and unity.

Among the crowd that day was Mike Dougher, co-booking agent for this year's Riverbend Festival, along with Nashville-based promoter Chris Cobb. Dougher hasn't forgotten that show, nor subsequent shows at Riverbend, Moon River or Nightfall concerts here in Chattanooga. He said in a text that booking the husband-and-wife duo was a priority.

"War and Treaty was the first act we all agreed on to bring in," he said via text.