Northwest Georgia farmers markets growing community

Courtesy photo by Mackenzie Boisvert / Walker County Farmers Market vendor Dalton Green shows off his products at his booth.

Walker County Commissioner Mark Askew issued a call earlier this month to support local agriculture, pinning it to a warning that hard times could be right around the corner.

With the spring planting season coming up, he said it's important to get fired up to support the local farmers market.

"It looks like with the food shortages we could have and the supply chain shortages we already know we have, we definitely wanna keep our locally grown produce here," Askew said at the March 10 commission meeting.

In addition to seeing support for local agriculture as an important hedge against fragile supply chains, the on-the-ground organizers of farmers markets of Northwest Georgia also see them as a celebration of community and local ingenuity.

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Every community should have its own market, said Mackenzie Boisvert, who manages the Walker County Farmers Market and also runs the Little Farmstead That Could in LaFayette.