The Rant

Colorful Speech Bubble / Getty Images

RIP, Leslie Jordan.

Mike Pence, consider that Trump's MAGA followers were saying "Hang Mike Pence" on Jan. 6 when you are deciding to run for president.

Elon Musk, like Putin's ragged army, seems vastly overrated.

Quite obvious that Mike Pence, displaying qualities that got him chosen as a harmless VP, nails the big nerd vote.

Donald J. Trump is harder to get rid of than a cockroach.

Never in the history of the world has a leader allowed his country to be overrun without lifting a finger. Never until Joe Biden.

In 2024, Biden at 82 and Trump at 76 would be too old to serve effectively as president.

DeSantis is a leader, and Trump is a rabble-rouser (hatred and violence); so, if you want to win in 2024, Republicans pick DeSantis.

Trump and the Hindenburg: two gas bags. One went down in flames, and the other will soon.

Media interested in Trump family business but not Biden family business. Why is that? Is it by party affiliation? Spite? I smell a skunk.

How many actual white supremacists are there compared to media mentions of white supremacy? One to 1,000? One to 10,000? Higher?

District Attorney Wamp, why do you want to do away with the cold case squad when there are more than 80 unsolved cases in the Chattanooga area?

Why would you ever vote for someone based on sympathy, wokeness, handouts, greenness, stubbornness or being a rebel? Think what you are getting.

Reuben Taylor must know where all the bodies are buried in order to have so much support for misspending our money!

In the May primary, 65% of local Republicans voted for "anybody but Weston Wamp" in the county mayor's race. Now we understand why.

Is the Hamilton County Commission fighting Mayor Wamp because he is not part of "the good old boys network" like Jim Coppinger was?

Media cry over the possibility of a Democratic House member being removed from committees because of antisemitic remarks but were fine when it was a GOP member.

Herschel Walker voters: You can vote for Herschel if you promise to return the millions that Warnock made possible for roads, sewers and broadband. Deal?

If before Coach [Vince] Dooley's passing, U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker was good enough for him, then Herschel's good enough for me.

Georgia voters sending Walker to represent them in the Senate probably deserve their comical but self-inflicted punishment.

All Georgia counties should have an early voting Saturday for next month's runoff, or none should. Shouldn't be a mixed bag.

Georgia's official state snack: Stacey Abrams Nacho Governor Doritos.

Raise your hand if you can't name a single Taylor Swift song and would be happy if mention of her disappears from your local paper. Wow, so many of you!

Wonder why gerrymandering news stories never mention the massive Democratic gerrymandering when D's controlled the House and Senate for most of the 20th century?

So much outcry about having grocery stores in certain parts of the city. Remember what happened with Walmart Market near Dalewood Middle School?

Howard School's situation has become critical but came on relatively quickly, so district administration should get some slack in figuring how to deal with it.

Not sure what to think of the whole Budgetel hotel situation, but the people who paid ahead should get their money back.

I am thankful for my wife, who loves and takes care of me all the while carrying a heavy burden -- me. Thank you, dear!