The Rant

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For our society to grow, improve and progress, we need to acknowledge and learn from our past mistakes, not ignore and conceal them.

So, the richest woman in the world (Queen Elizabeth) lived to 96. Good for her. I'm still trying to get over the Balfour Declaration.

Just because you downplay something and pretend it's not happening doesn't make it so. Look at inflation, illegals, crime, COVID. Dems say no problems here.

Do you wonder why Trump complains about witch hunts? Try asking 11 of his supporters who have been convicted of crimes.

Trump speaks of the Biden Crime Family. Projection: The externalization of blame, guilt, or responsibility for one's thoughts or actions ...

My dishes need to be washed. I was thinking about it, so that means they were washed.

Did you read the AP story on Medicare fees going down? (Biden -- what a guy!) Buried in the story was the fact seniors also had "a dramatic increase to premiums."

Pro-life or pro-choice, there is no constitutional right to kill the unborn.

My representative wants to impeach Biden and arm children. And she warns of "Gazpacho police." She definitely doesn't represent me.

TFP story last week says "Interest in lasting birth control soars." But the lack of abortion access was supposed to be women's complete undoing?

Now, they're trying to pass laws that allow the overturning of a free and fair election. In America.

Moses led his people out of the desert. Crazy Don leads bewildered Republicans into the desert. Unite America, vote solid Democrat, your duty.

If a student will not comply with the SRO, do you think he complies with the classroom teacher? He stymies the education process.

They make money for NCAA and schools, but football TV timeouts will end up deterring attendance by boring fans and killing teams' momentum.

Apparently the Lookouts' season is over. We know a lot about their next stadium but very little about their season, their players. Are they important?

Why, you ask, is Stacey Abrams trailing in the polls? Simply put, Georgians are thriving under Kemp's leadership. Why change?

I hope the schools superintendent had the decency to appear before Brainerd High School students to congratulate them on coming off the state's priority list.

In what world can a high school (Brainerd) come off a state priority list when practically all of its state test scores declined? What does Karitsa say?

Planning Commission, before approving more homes, did you drive down Ooltewah-Georgetown Road toward Exit 11 at 7 a.m. on a school day?

Were you complaining when the price of gas went above $4 a gallon? That was June 2008 when "W" was president.

Mayor Kelly, how about a list of paving projects planned for the near future? That would give some of us hope, and some of us would know where to complain.

Can't watch the news because stories about Biden doing nothing, Trump causing trouble, Ukraine War and Republicans and Democrats doing nothing are shown.

Shameful: Local inmates cannot get their medications. More shamefully: Biden administration's incompetence causes many infants not to get their formula.

A cannabis festival and a family friendly drag show: Can you tell it's not 1962 anymore?

Congratulations to all on a well-organized Ironman event. Well done.

If you have an extra couple of bucks, please consider donating to disaster relief. Florida is going to need our help for awhile.