The Rant

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An American tragedy but true. Consider: How much longer can we survive with political classes and media that benefit from and pursue hysteria and chaos?

Republicans: Can you hear it? Just a little more chatter about time to move on. Let's not squander our chances in 2024.

President Biden, you really shouldn't say the pandemic is over; remember what happened when Bush 43 said "mission accomplished" in Iraq?

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are proof we need to require at least an IQ of 50 to be in Congress.

Interesting that no one in the national media wants to talk about Sen. Raphael Warnock's camp or marital scandals. Biased? You bet!

The pandemic is over. So why still handing out COVID money, Joe? Student loan relief, rent relief, illegals relief. You can't have it both ways.

Mr. Trump, you called Don Lemon the dumbest man on television; however, you still believe you won in 2020 (so it's you).

Gov. Lee, it would be a great honor (and relief) for Tennessee if you weren't re-elected in November.

Anybody know the name of the Atlanta baseball team when it was a minor league team? Look it up. Now, that is disrespectful.

If you are giving or receiving gift cards over the holidays, their then-current value diminishes daily and affords the retailer an interest-free loan.

Not in our vineyard, say the northern Dems, who live in sanctuary states. What a joke. Shows who they really are. They bused them out.

Why don't Gov. DeSantis of Florida and Gov. Abbott of Texas ship the migrants back to their countries of origin?

The best thing Stacey Abrams can do after her upcoming gubernatorial loss is to teach her fellow Georgians how they can move from a debtor to a millionaire like her.

The moral posturing of sanctuary states over illegals is so prime. Either they are welcome or not. Busing them further and calling names is hypocritical.

If you come to U.S. as an immigrant from dangerous countries, you should never be able to go back to visit. Yet they do. How's that?

Republicans, fix immigration. Democrats, fix immigration. Get off your seats and get it done. And close the border. You pledged to protect/defend the USA.

If the attorney general of New York has receipts of you lying, cheating, stealing, it's no political witch hunt, only justice. Man up -- you did it!

I am still waiting for substantive debate on issues at the national level -- neither side seems willing to say how they will lead us to solutions.

Profile of a for-the-people official: City Councilman Chip Henderson gets measure passed that makes city, not homeowners, responsible for clogged sewers under roadways.

Any youth violence panel that doesn't focus on Black on Black crime and personal responsibility may as well fold up before it meets again.

Costco, please don't do away with the $1.50 combo of a drink and a hot dog. Raise prices on other items in the store.

"Rocky Horror Picture Show" is rated R. Fabulous movie. I would not allow children to see it or a live drag show.

Last I looked, the first word depicted by "PTA" is "parent."

Mayor Wamp, can you add the Hamilton County Courthouse to your list of areas that need some attention? The grounds look horrible. Someone dropped the ball.

Could someone ask the chief of police how an expanded bureaucracy will help with crime in the streets?

Where is the aggressive reporting on the city's shootings? There are many. Too little coverage.