Public or private indoctrination? and more letters to the editors

Public or private indoctrination?

Should public funds be used to support private schools? Those who say "no" assume the public school educates and the private school indoctrinates. This distinction is manifestly false. Indeed, a private school filters ideas through its values and beliefs, but so does a public school.

Unfortunately, many public schools have abandoned belief in objective truth and replaced it with subjective feelings, desires and experiences. Sadly, public education now indoctrinates students with bizarre notions of pregnant men, gender choice, mindless atoms that evolve into intelligent life, "woke" culture and history, and other nonsensical ideas that run counter to thousands of years of intuitive common sense.

Well, then, let's not use public funds to support private schools that indoctrinate with verities of personal responsibility, respect for authority, discipline and objective reality.