Opinion: Too late for Brits to save us from Biden?

Andrew Testa/The New York Times / President Joe Biden with Queen Elizabeth II walk together at Windsor Castle in Windsor, England, on June 13, 2021.

Great Britain, a country the size of Alabama, ruled the world for decades. Queen Elizabeth II was a fantastic woman who leaves an admirable legacy.

The way our government is going, there are times I wish the British would forgive us and take us back, and these days most Americans would probably agree. Had they not insisted on fighting us in the woods in bright red coats, we might still be under British rule.

Now, finally, 73-year-old King Charles III gets his first job. Most people at that age are getting jobs at Home Depot. But Charles has been in waiting. And not to over-repeat the memes, but congrats to Camilla! She should be an inspiration to side chicks everywhere -- just believe.

Things are finally starting to come together for King Charles.