The Rant

Colorful Speech Bubble / Getty Images

If teachers are complaining about having to test students, then they shouldn't be teachers.

Sad state of affairs in America: Optional back-to-school purchase of a bulletproof backpack.

Can you imagine Queen Elizabeth II calling half of her country "deplorables," or "fascists"? No Democrat will ever have her class.

U.S. military: "Leave no man behind." Commander-in-Chief Biden: "Brittany who?"

RIP, Queen Elizabeth II. "A life well lived!" Another member of The Greatest Generation (World War II) to leave us.

Democratic socialists are so deathly afraid of Donald Trump they cannot stop being obsessed, possessed.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice but when the wicked (woke Dems) rule, the people mourn. Proverbs 29:2

With calls for violence erupting, is Biden safe? In 1984, Indira Gandhi, leader of India, was killed by her own bodyguards.

Biggest threat the U.S. faces: vote for one: [ ] War with Russia; [ ] Recession; [x ] Trump's base.

Haven't heard anything from Mitch McConnell. Did he die or is he napping at the beach with Biden?

How many Democratic candidates will, when asked by unbiased journalists, unequivocally say, "Yes, I completely stand by President Biden's Sept. 1 remarks in Philadelphia"?

The Free Press editorial cartoon on Sept. 12 of Biden-Trump attacking Lincoln's "malice-charity" statement reveals the sad state of American politics today.

Hostile takeover of GOP leaves mainstream Republicans ashamed and trying to ignore or defend Trump's antics, traitors and domestic terrorism.

We hear poverty is down but food insecurity is up? One of these must be wrong, or the formerly impoverished are spending for the wrong things.

Trump cult members were "outraged" when Biden called them a threat to democracy. But when their leader tried to overthrow our government: not a peep.

If we can't be thankful for what we have (Biden), then we can be thankful for what we don't have (Trump).

Trump's request list for special master: Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lindsey Graham, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Don Jr. and Eric.

Follow California. Be green. All electric cars. No straws. No fossil fuels. And, oh yes, turn your air to 78 degrees. They're out of power.

Where's all the uproar and protests over the recent shootings and killings in Chattanooga and Memphis? Seriously, is this being ignored because of race?

Guns, guns everywhere.

Blood supply shortage is newsworthy. Would TFP consider reporting how much of the limited, donated blood supply is being used to treat shooting victims?

Is there a total amount of taxpayer money the city has spent on housing the unhoused in the last five years? Is anyone examining return on investment?

CCTV cameras should be put on every entrance to a school. There should be a dedicated staff member monitoring those camera views.

So our stadium might get smaller, huh? That would be one Taj Mahal stadium at $80 million for 4,000 seats. Whew.

Always remember, always, in these very last days, no one will "ever, ever" admit they are wrong. No one.

The Hamilton County Commission should call on the school board to explain what is going on in our schools. Some schools are great; others are awful.

Columnist Greeson wonders what would happen if a white politician had uttered "sweeping generalizations" about a religious or ethnic group. R's would elect him president.

In reading the Rants and Letters to the Editor, it appears liberals can't express themselves vehemently enough.