The Rant

Happy Easter, y'all. Like Tim McGraw sings, always be humble and kind.

25 gig is great, but can anybody synchronize downtown stoplights?

Tragic that six citizens killed this year walking or cycling. Healthy activities. Leaders should consider greater number of deaths resulting from food deserts and malnutrition.

It's nice to know that no one is above justice and that at the end of the day everyone will get a fair trial.

The Bragg indictment is trivial? The facts fit his character like a key fits its lock.

Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. This isn't pie.

Free-market-touting bankers run amok again and, yet again, their despised "socialist" government has to clean up their mess.

If one is old enough to shoot somebody, they are too old for Juvenile Court.

"Saturday Night Live" can stop broadcasting live from New York and simply air 60 minutes of Tennessee's weekly legislative sessions. Much richer content.

Mind-bending legislative logic. Wait a year to respond to mass shooting murders. Should same logic be applied to airline crashes, train derailments, terrorism events?

Nothing good ever comes from knee-jerk legislation. When cooler heads get together, the result will be stronger.

Say it ain't so, Todd! No gun bills the rest of this year, even though the Covenant School shooting just happened?

If you don't like what lawmakers are doing or not doing, get your act together, get organized and vote.

Does someone's right to own an AR-15 override my grandchild's right to life? Wait, did I say "right to life"?

I own several guns. I follow laws. I am mentally healthy. I am not a risk to you and yours.

Major difference between Titanic ship wreck and Tennessee legislature's response to school massacre: Titanic's crew did not deliberately steer toward the iceberg.

Tennessee lawmakers: Learn from Captain Sullenberger, who said, "It's not a crash. It's a forced water landing." Manage the crisis; don't run from it.

Added to my will: If I die in a mass shooting, leave my body on the steps of Nashville Capitol building. Lee, Blackburn and Hagerty must sign death certificate.

Irony of despicable ex-president saying "lock her up" is he personally will be "locked up" after all charges are adjudicated.

Melania made a play list for Donald, including "Folsom Prison Blues," "Jailhouse Rock" and "Green Green Grass of Home."

Miami Seaquarium releasing 52-year-old orca whale Lolita to Pacific Ocean. Any chance of two for one, sending DeSantis too?

MTG: You are not required to say something stupid every day, and yet you do. Feel free to give it a break.

Men need a sex-education class to understand the cause of pregnancy. It's them. Punish the cause with your laws, not the result.

Now that we have become a socialist nation, like Canada, know this: We have only begun to experience tyranny from "We, the idiots."

"Buy now, pay later" sounds convenient. It's oppressive to those who can afford it least. "Now" is instantaneous. "Later" is forever, plus interest and fees.

School leaders and journalists, don't publish interviews containing school names and active shooter safety measures. Employ measures quietly without drawing attention, please.

Media outlets should stop giving mass shooters' names. All they want is recognition. Stop giving them that.

A truism: "Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business and eventually degenerates into a racket." -- Erick Hoffer, philosopher