The Rant

Developers proposed building apartment complexes in Hixson and stated a plus is proximity to Northgate Mall. The mall is almost empty, and Hixson traffic is heavy.

Chattanooga Heart Institute letters in my mailbox stated multiple family members' health and financial information was hacked from CHI computers. I nearly had a heart attack!

Gov. Lee may not have enough Republican votes to limit guns. Maybe he could get a limit on how many kids need to die.

Honor system doesn't work for collecting annual $5 wheel tax ("city sticker"). When asked about paying it, most city residents in line ahead of me declined.

I live in a small Northeast Georgia town. Today I saw a bumper sticker saying "proud North Georgia Democrat." Car had California plates. Go figure.

First-class seating for looming rapture and end of days is apparently Tennessee priority. Personal religious motivations don't justify foreign affairs-lite legislation.

DeSantis motorcade crash theory: Lead driver was distracted. Streaming and watching favorite movie on Disney Channel.

I wish Clay Bennett would put aside his Trump Derangement Syndrome for a moment and give us some cartoons of Cackling Kamala and Sleepy Joe. There sure is enough material out there!

The TFP should identify the 69 people who contributed to the former guy's presidential campaign so we can know who are the most ignorant people in Hamilton County.

You didn't really expect our incompetent and uncaring legislators to consider ways to curb gun violence in this month's special session, did you?

Vanderbilt, you should've sued before giving a patient's medical records to Tennessee's awful AG. HIPPA is a federal law.

The only good thing about Tommy Tuberville being in the Senate is that he isn't bothering the football world.

Because Ethel Kennedy was busy with 11 children, no one realized Robert Jr. had been dropped on his head.

James Carville calling someone else white trash? Now that is rich!

Showstopper at Republican presidential debate will be all candidates exposing their ankles to show who is wearing ankle monitor while out on bail.

Of course it was a red state corporation (Yellow Corp.) that screwed the taxpayer.

Five upcoming trials, 74 felony counts, and you want this guy to lead our nation? Speaks of your own values.

Democrats seethe when they realize that Trump can run the country better from a prison cell than the current bozos can from the White House.

You wear the American flag on your uniform. You play on our platform. You use our money. Not singing national anthem. Hypocrisy. Get out.

I wonder with all these gender re-designations if we will be permitted to celebrate Father's Day and Mother's Day?

We all (should, at least) believe in equality. So how does the color of one's skin or one's heritage equate equality in college admissions?

Laptop. Now real. COVID lab leak. Real possibility. Masks. Might not work. But all censored on social media. Your government administration limiting free speech. Disgraceful.

Hey IRS. Sounds like Trump's legal bills are being paid by others, so far to the tune of $40 million. Why shouldn't the third-party payments on his personal behalf be considered ordinary income to him?