The Rant

COVID to Chattanooga: "I'm back."

If you don't like Clay Bennett's Democratic-leaning cartoon, don't read the left side of the paper. Republicans are trying to get a one-party dictatorship.

"Jail for sale" in Bledsoe County, according to TFP article. Perfect rebranding opportunity for Trump organization. Could be ready for occupancy before first jury verdict.

Windshield wipers on, headlights on. Making a turn? Use blinkers to alert other drivers of your intentions, per the state drivers manual.

Dealing with the homeless population is turning out to be a lot more complicated for the city. Solutions are expensive, long-term and no guaranteed results.

Symbolic, hollow gun session called by Gov. Bill Lee, and irresponsibly opposed by majority leadership, leaves governor's success resembling best-smelling Porta Potty at county fair.

EPB customer service stinks compared to a few years ago.

Republicans want no session on gun violence. Really? What's your solution? If you ignore a problem, it never goes away.

Twelve private schools in Hamilton County are now in Gov. Bill Lee's vouchers program, taking nearly $2 million from public schools. Eleven are Christian schools.

Mayor Kelly, help the "careless children" from Siskin Children's Institute find a " care center"

We told you not to allow a bar next to the religious Islamic center; now people are urinating next to the building. No respect for non-Baptists.

Rep. Gardenhire says he didn't hear local opposition to weakening citizen review police boards, so he voted for it. Did you ever think to ask?

If every politician who lies is accused of conspiracy to defraud the government, you'd have to lock them all up, current and past officeholders.

Thank you, Sens. Ossoff and Warnock, for bringing so much infrastructure money into Georgia, even though Gov. Brian Kemp tries to take credit for it.

Now that Joe has belatedly acknowledged his seventh grandchild, I wonder if his press secretary will announced a belated baby shower at the White House.

Biden and Trump should retire from politics and do a remake of the "Odd Couple" with Biden as Felix Unger and Trump as Oscar Madison.

How did Jim Coppinger get along for more than a decade as Hamilton County mayor without a chief operating officer and two deputy mayors?

MTG says her support for serial criminal Donald Trump is "unwavering." I think unnerving is a better adjective.

I read in TFP about the Republicans' agenda to increase fossil fuel production. Great idea! Extinction of life on earth will be fast instead of slow torture!

This big push by abortion rights activists supports lazy sexual activity and irresponsibility, solved only by abortion of a life. Why not use birth control?

I think our big problem is both past and present presidents (Trump and Biden) possess no moral character. None. It doesn't seem that good character matters anymore.

Trump VP running mate should be Stormy Daniels. She has worked under him before. Experience matters.

By choosing Joe Biden as VP, Barack Obama realized his main objective: to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

"State of the City" reports are about as enlightening as "State of the Unions." Just send out a press release for your pats on the back.