The Rant

Who is responsible for maintenance/upkeep since 1930 of Crest Road on Missionary Ridge — the city of Chattanooga or federal government? Answer, please.

Actually, guns do kill people.

Man pulls a gun and shoots at police, hitting one officer twice. Is killed by police. What more does anyone need to know?

Blood Assurance receives my blood regularly. They announced a shortage due to "recent traumas." Teenagers shooting each other? Not why I donate my blood.

Do you see how many people are texting and driving? At least every other one. When are police going to address this?

Posting and enforcing large fines has been a proven deterrent to littering. How 'bout it, TDOT? Law enforcement? You have to start somewhere to stop this lazy act.

We are ghosts or we are ancestors (Springsteen) in our community's future. Thanks, County, for finally, belatedly, pausing out-of-control development.

Gun lobby: "Where do bad folks go when they die? Don't go to heaven where angels fly. Go to lake of fire and fry." — Nirvana

Sweet Home Alabama — unless you're African-American riverboat crew performing honest, hard-working job in 100-degree heat on a dock full of boozing, hillbilly bozos.

Our Republican state legislators are concerned about the people they call "crazies" demonstrating during the special session. No worries: Those folks won't be carrying guns.

The Atlanta Braves should drop the name Braves to respect the Native Americans and choose the name "Hammers" after Henry Aaron.

Republican legislator calls traffic problems "scary." Let's see, which party has long been in power, more concerned about drag shows than highway improvements?

Bad news. Quick. Go into hiding. Basement. Or vacation. Beach. No questions. C'mon man, lousy question, reads the everyday script. Slow walk the job. Expertly. Hamilton County taxpayers need to pay attention to our funds being transferred to Christian schools.

Make America Great Again, one indictment at a time.

As I bought gas this morning, I was once again reminded how well Biden has managed inflation since he took office.

So, Trump thinks they are chasing him only because he's running. Let's test that proposition: Stop running and see if they stop chasing.

Supreme Court has clipped Joe's wings numerous times: student loan forgiveness, racial preferences, not drilling, national abortion. His pen's not so powerful after all.

If Fox "News" said it was snowing in Tennessee on this hot August day, most of my neighbors would wear their overcoats and mittens.

Democrats blame OPEC, climate for high gas prices. Their policies are the real problem.

When there's no more PAC money to pay Trump's out-of-control legal bills, he'll try convincing his attorneys Mexico is going to pay them.

Donald Trump, always fist pumping and clapping for himself. Can you say egotistical? What a piece of work.

Dems set the standard. Republicans should prosecute every Democrat that contests an election.

How could "I'm coming for you" possibly be interpreted as a threat?

Dems have a much bigger problem than the GOP, and that problem is Kamala Harris. Awful, nonstarter.

Being anti-crime and anti-violence is not racist, but rather is humanitarian.